Fundamental Movement Skills

At Gortnahoe N.S. we implement the Move Well Move Often programme focusing on the key fundamental movement skills and we blend this into our strands across the PE curriculum. Each Monday morning at assembly the teachers demonstrate the key fundamental skill we will be working on as a school for the week.

FMS SkillLink for Website
Running (Locomotor)  
Jumping for Distance (Locomotor)  
Throwing (Manipulative)  
Catching (Manipulative)  
Kicking (Manipulative)  
Striking with the hand (Manipulative)  
Striking with an implement (Manipulative)  
Hopping (Locomotor)  
Skipping (Locomotor)  
Sliding/ Side Gallop/ Side Step (Locomotor)  
Landing (Stability)  
Balancing (Stability)  
Jumping for Height (Locomotor)  
Walking (Locomotor)  
Dodging (Locomotor)