General Information

Arrival and dismissal of pupils

  • School begins at 9:20 a.m.  Junior Infant children should not be dropped off to school before 9:10 a.m.  Children are supervised from 9.10 am. in their class by the class teacher.
  • Junior and Senior Infant children will be brought out to the front gate of the school by the class teacher for collection by the parents/minders. Infant classes finish at 2pm.
  • 1st – 6th class are also brought to the front gate by their class teacher. 1st – 6th finish school at 3pm.
  • Parents of children travelling by bus should inform the school.
  • Names of people authorised to collect a child should be made known to the class teacher.

Parking/ Road Crossing

Please do not park in the designated bus spaces, or yellow box at the school gate at ANY time of the day. It is vital for safety reasons to use the pedestrian crossing when crossing the road as with 130+ children being dropped and collected, we want to ensure maximum safety to avoid any unnecessary accidents.

Early Collection/ Late Arrival

  • All parents/guardians must collect their child from the school if he/ she are taken from the school outside of normal hours. The parents must also drop the child back to the classroom. A note of the time and who is collecting is made on our school reporting system “Aladdin” by the class teacher.

School Transport

To see if you are eligible for the Primary Scheme bus service from Bus Eireann, please check

Absences  – 20 Day Attendance Rule

By Government Law, under the Education Welfare Act 2002  every Primary School is obliged to report any child who is absent for 20 days or more to  the Education Welfare Officer, who will investigate the situation by contacting parents.

A note is required from parents to explain any children’s absences. This note can be submitted on Aladdin, by emailing the class teacher or calling the office.

Code of Behaviour

Our Code of Behaviour clearly states what is expected of teachers, parents and children in our school. Clear breaches of the code are explained and the sanctions that follow for each misdemeanour. A detailed copy of our Code of Behaviour is available on our school website under policies.

School Rules:

Each class operates a set of 7 basic rules.

  1. Always be on time and be prepared for class.
  2. Do as you are asked immediately.
  3. Raise your hand and wait quietly for attention.
  4. Work quietly in your place and do your best.
  5. Stay seated and be quiet when the teacher is out of the room.
  6. Listen attentively and in silence to the person speaking.
  7. Be honest. Respect everyone and their property.

 Rewards./ Sanctions 

A balance will be maintained between rewards and sanctions in such a way that pupils will learn that the choices they make will have consequences.

Please Note:

  • No make-up, nail varnish, jewellery or wristbands are allowed in school.
  • ONLY stud earrings are allowed.
  • Long hair must be tied back.
  • No Distracting hairstyles are allowed (e.g. lines or tight cuts on boys hair)

Assessment – Standardised Testing

Standardised Assessment in Literacy and Numeracy is carried out the Class Teachers and the Special Ed. Team during the school year.

Pupil Report Cards

Pupil report cards are sent out in June each year and can make an appointment with the teacher to discuss any information regarding their child’s progress if they so wish.

Lost Property

Please ensure names are on all clothing, lunch boxes and books.


It has been agreed that pupils should not distribute cards or invitations in school or at the school gate.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are not allowed in our school. Should a child need to make contact with a parent they can use the school phone with permission from their class teacher or principal. Any mobile phone brought to school will be confiscated and will have to be collected by a parent from the Principal three days after it is confiscated.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is strictly prohibited inside the school, and on the school grounds.

Administration of Medication

Some children suffer from illnesses which require the taking of medication either at regular or irregular intervals during school hours.  Other children suffer from conditions such as asthma which may require the use of inhalers.  Teachers do not have the authority to administer medication of any kind, regardless of circumstances.  However, should parents request that their child be allowed to take any form of medication this can be done, providing written consent is given by parents. Please contact me for further information.

Head Lice

If a parent informs the school that their child has head lice, a message will be sent to all families of children in that class. Parents are to inform the school immediately if they do become aware of a problem. If a child is in school with head lice, the school reserves the right to ask that child to be treated as “sick” and kept/ sent home until correctly treated. If an ongoing problem occurs, the school may contact the local Health Nurse to offer advice to families on how best to treat the problem. Please see details on how to deal with head lice on our school website under Notes/ Information (Management of Infectious Disease Schools / Headlice is dealt with on P38)


Consent forms are signed on enrolment in our school. Should you wish to withdraw your child from any activity during their time in school, please make an appointment with the principal to discuss.

Pupil Illness/ “Head Bangs” 

Parents of any child who is feeling unwell during the school day or gets hurt in the class or yard will be called to inform them of same, if deemed necessary. For any “head bangs” the child’s parent will be informed.

School Photos

Every second year Billy White (Photogrpaher) comes to our school to take school photographs. Parents are given the opportunity to purchase these photos, if they wish.


A detailed list of contacts is kept in the office. If you change your number, please provide the school with your updated contact information.

Participation in competitions/festivals

Participation in competitions is usually at the discretion of the class teacher in consultation with the principal. Regular competitions entered include the Credit Union Art Competition, Credit Union Quiz, Mid Tipperary GAA Quiz, Parish Annual Poetry Competition, Parish Sale of Work Art Competition.

Participation in PE/Sports

Participation in PE is compulsory.  All children participate unless they have a note from the parent/guardian explaining why they cannot.

School tours

School tours are organised by the class teachers.  School tracksuits are to be worn on all school tours. No valuables ( ipods, phones cameras etc. are )allowed on tours nor money for shops etc.

School Bag Weight

Tips to reduce the weight of school bags.

  • Get the right bag. Bags with two straps are better than single strapped as the weight distribution is more even.
  • Check that books brought to school are required.
  • Don’t bring home school books that are not needed that evening.
  • Don’t bring library books in and out of school each day if there is not an opportunity to read them in school.
  • When workbooks and copybooks are completed, bring them home and store them in a designated place.
  • Organise the bag so that heavier books are placed towards the back of the bag. Make use of compartments within the bag as this not only distributes the weight but it also makes things easier to find.
  • Declutter the bag once a week. Get rid of excess paper, lunch packages, broken pencils etc.
  • Don’t carry unnecessary things in your bag.