Dear Parent/Guardian, Our school use the Aladdin Connect Schools App to communicate and share information with the parents/guardians of children in our school. With Aladdin Connect you will be able to;

1. Send notes directly to your child’s teacher or principal.

2. Read school and classroom notifications

3. View your child’s attendance and send us absences notes

4. View you child’s report card and standardised test results

5. Make ePayments to the school for books, insurance etc.

6. Receive homework and the send a copy of the completed work to the class teacher

7. Grant permission for your child to go on school tours or attend matches etc.

You can rest reassured that Aladdin Schools uses state-of-the-art security to safeguard information entered by the school and data is stored and processed in strict compliance with Irish and European data protection laws. In the next few days, you will receive a text message containing your registration link.

There will be one link per parent which will allow each parent to access information for their children in the school. Please do not forward this text or share this link with anyone.

What to do when I get the text message:

1. Firstly, download the Aladdin Connect App from the Play Store or Apple Store.

2. Then follow the link on the text message you receive from the school.

3. You will be asked for your child’s name and date of birth first.

4. You will then select an email address to create a password.

5. An email will be sent to you with further details.

6. When setting up the App, please activate ‘Allow Notifications’

By default both parents will have access to view their child’s contact information. If for any reason you do NOT wish to share your own personal contact information within the family circle or if you have any concerns regarding the sharing of such information, please contact the school in confidence to discuss this or to have this facility restricted.

When the App is installed and you view your child’s details, please correct any inaccuracies or errors. We hope that you enjoy using Aladdin Connect.

Please contact us if you require any help in setting up this facility.