Tips to Reduce the Weight of School Bags

School Bag Weight

Tips to reduce the weight of school bags.

  • Get the right bag. Bags with two straps are better than single strapped as the weight distribution is more even.
  • Check that books brought to school are required.
  • Don’t bring home school books that are not needed that evening.
  • Don’t bring library books in and out of school each day if there is not an opportunity to read them in school.
  • When workbooks and copybooks are completed, bring them home and store them in a designated place.
  • Organise the bag so that heavier books are placed towards the back of the bag. Make use of compartments within the bag as this not only distributes the weight but it also makes things easier to find.
  • Declutter the bag once a week. Get rid of excess paper, lunch packages, broken pencils etc.
  • Don’t carry unnecessary things in your bag.