Poems for the parish Annual based on the Olympics

London 2012

London 2012 was a big treat.

People all over the world would come and compete.

We watched Katie Taylor make Ireland so proud.

Ireland broke the record for being so loud.

Gymnastics, swimming, running and jumping.

Every one of their hearts were racing and pumping.

Paralympics, so much they have achieved.

Even the ones with severe special needs.

We watched Jason Smith run for gold.

As he crossed the finish line the crowd screamed and roared.

The 12th of August started to come closer.

And the people started to tear down the posters.

The closing ceremony where the Spice Girls would reunite.

For one special day and one special night.

As Ireland started to walk out the door.

The next four years would have much in store.

Leah Bird, 6th Class


The Olympics

Push, pull, leap, throw

Jump, dive, swim, row

Clearing a hurdle, winning a heat.

Medals, flags, ribbons and clocks.

Best times, record times and winners blocks.

Crowds cheering, sweat and tears

Determination and   dedication over many years.

The best thing about the Olympics for me.

Is showing the world the best you can be.

Sharing the victory, sharing the pain.

It will be four years before you can try again.

Going for gold and playing the game

Keep the pride and the spirit of the Olympic flame.

Mary Ann Purcell, 5th Class



Lá brea samhradh a bhí ann,D’eirigh Rossa agus Neasa ar a naoi a chlog ar maidin.Bhí Daidi ag léamh nuachtán sa chistin. Bhí sé an te agus bhí gach duine ag cur allais. Chuir Rossa an teilifís ar siúl.Thosaigh na páistí ag féachaint ar na Simpsons.Tar éis tamaill,thosaigh siad ag gáire.

“An mhaith leat dul go dtí an trá?”arsa Daidí go tobann.”Ta cinnte”,

arsa na páistí. Chuir Neasa brioscaí,úlla,caca millis agus uachtar

reoite.”Ná déan dearmad ar an gcistin doirteal”,arsa Rossa.

“An greannmhar”,arsa Neasa,

Tar éis tamaill bhí siad sa charr.Bhí gach duinne tuirseach.Bhí na

páistí ar bís.Nuair a shroich siad an trá,thosaigh sé ag stelladh báisti!

Eimear Campion, 5th   Class