5th and 6th class received their Confirmation in the Church of the Sacred Heart on Friday 1st of March 2013. There was a lot of preparation involved for the special day. First we had to choose a name. We were procrastinating different names for weeks and weeks. Finally we all came to a decision. Next we added it to our confirmation scrapbooks which also had information about ourselves, the commandments, the sacraments, the fruits, the gifts and a prayer to the holy spirit that we had written ourselves.

The morning of our confirmation was an adrenaline rush. There was so much to do and so little time to do it. The morning went by in a blur and suddenly we were at the church. Children’s voices filled the place . The atmosphere was great. We all stood nervously as Archbishop Dr.  Dermot Clifford came out onto the altar. We were called up row by row to receive our confirmation. Our sponsors stood behind us, right hand on our right shoulders. Afterwards we took photos and went home to enjoy the day ahead.